Thai Lottery Result Today 1st May 2019

Thailand Lottery Result for 01-5-19/Thailand lottery result today

Dear Members, today is result day and we are going to publish Thailand lottery result 1st May 2019. Yes you can see Thai lottery result 1st May, 2019 on our website. We also congrats to the lucky winner of Thailand lottery who win Thailand lottery result today.  We ever provide you Thailand lotto result first of all.

Thailand Lottery Tips

We have provided to our member lot of lottery tips for Thailand lottery result 1st May 2019. We hope you have use our Thailand lottery 3up number tips, Thailand lottery VIP tips and Thailand lottery 123 tips for Thai lottery result 1st May 2019. Furthermore, we have provided you Thailand lottery magic win tips and Thailand lotto master tips for Thailand lottery result today. if you want to earn more through lottery game you can see our Thailand lottery 4pc paper tips, Thailand lottery first paper magazine tip and thai lottery 3up formula tips. These Thai lottery king tips will help you to win Thailand lottery result as in Thailand lottery result 1-5-19.

Thailand Lottery/ Thai Lottery Result Draw Method

Thai lotto is one of the legal forms of gambling in the state of Thailand. Thailand lottery is also known as Thai lottery/Thai lotto and also Thailand lotto. Thai lottery national office hires ten unaffiliated guest with lottery as a witness at the time of drawing result. Thai lottery national office draws lottery result at 11: 45 on the result day. Lottery drawing are televised on TV channels and published on magazines. On this website you can see Thailand lottery result for 01-5-19 just after five mints of drawing by lottery office.

  1. Draw Chairman of national lottery office selects balls (numbers) to initialize each draw machine.
  2. Draw Chairman selects colorful balls to find out the order of lowest prize draws. Four colored balls indicate different prizes: yellow ball for 2nd prize, pink ball for 3rd prize, and green for 4th prize, and blue ball for 5th prize.
  3. Six-digit numbers are drawn for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th prizes. Total number of draws: 165.
  4. Three-digit numbers are drawn for the 3-digit prize. Total numbers of draws are: 4
  5. A 2-digit number is drawn for the second – digit prize. Total number of draws: 1
  6. A 6 -digit number is drawn for 1 prize. Total draws: one. Also announced are the ±1 special prize numbers of lottery.
  7. Draw a 2 – digit number for the Thai Lottery bonus prize of thirty million baht*.
  8. Draw a 2-digit number for the Thai Charity Lottery bonus prize of 22 million baht*.
  9. Following the last three draws, officials remove balls from machines to show that all ten numbers were present.

Side Prizes of 100,000 baht each:

So, we hope you have seen Thailand lottery result 1-5-2019/ Thai lottery result 1-05-2019. Instead of, Thailand lotto Result 1-5-2019, you can see Thailand lottery tips and Thai lottery formula tips for upcoming Thailand lottery result. Moreover, if you have any question about Thai lottery result today you can ask in comment section.



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  1. Can you calculate the sure number for me?

  2. Hello Diana, the sure number you can dream of by repeating the magic words RICHESS, RICHESS, RICHESS… before going to sleep… repeat this deep meditation every day until you srike it rich… I got already 6 big prizes. Good Luck.

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